MicroStrategy Training

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MicroStrategy Training
Key Highlights
Job ready training
Training by 2 years industry expert
Sattwica engaged various MicroStrategy client projects
Empowered with total MicroStrategy resources
Trainer :
Classes are conducted by 2 years technology expert, who will be giving in-depth knowledge of real life job techniques.
Organization :
Sattwica technologies has been serving various clients in manufacturing, travel, media, banking, healthcare sectors for their IT requirements. Being a BI Solution provider and having core competency in MicroStrategy technology, Sattwica will be on your side to learn and excel in MicroStrategy training.
Your benefits :
You can start the course online wherever you are, you do not require to relocate, if you need living assistance we will help you. Technical Support for your practice session is provided by dedicated staff. During the course you will be prepared to take real life interviews. Once you are ready you will be given an opportunity to work in our live projects.
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Course Contents
1.2.1Source systems (OLTP)
1.2.2ETL process
1.2.3Data Warehouses (OLAP)
1.3OLTP vs. OLAP
1.4ODS and Data Marts
1.5Data Warehouse Design Approach
1.6Dimensional Modeling
1.6.1From Enterprise models to Dimensional models
1.6.2Star, Snowflake, and fact constellation schemas
2MicroStrategy BI overview and architecture +
2.1Overview and Architecture
2.2 Microstrategy Platform
2.2.1Intelligent server
2.2.6Distribution Services
2.2.7Other MicroStrategy Products
3MicroStrategy Intelligence server +
3.1Setting up MicroStrategy Intelligence Server
3.2Intelligent server configuration, start up and connectivity
3.3Creating Metadata and Statistics Repositories
3.4Project Sources, connectivity and MicroStrategy Projects
3.4.1Defining and setting up the Microstrategy reporting Environment
4Microstrategy Architect and Project Design +
4.1Overview of MicroStrategy Architect and Schema Objects
4.2Roles of MicroStrategy Architect and its importance
4.3Building Logical table design and/or Warehouse catalogue
4.4Architect Interface
4.5Creating Project Tables, Facts, Attributes and its relationships and hierarchies
5MicroStrategy Desktop and Reporting +
5.1MicroStrategy Desktop and ReportingDesktop Interface, Basic Navigation, Creating and Saving
Objects and Shortcuts to Objects
5.2Basics of creating and saving reports in Desktop
5.3Report manipulation(data, style) in Desktop Drilling, Page-by, Data Pivoting, Subtotals, Sorting, Outline mode,
printing, exporting, subscription, notes, formatting, thresholds, banding, locking and resizing, graphs
5.4Creating, formatting and saving basic metrics in Desktop
5.5Creating and saving report Filter
5.6OLAP Services like Report objects, View filters, Derived Metrics
5.7Prompts and Searches
5.8Report and Desktop Preferences
6Advanced Reporting +
6.1Advanced Metrics
6.2Advanced Filters
6.3Consolidations and Custom Groups
6.4Advanced OLAP Services
6.4.1Intelligent Cubes
6.4.2Reporting and Analyzing Data with Intelligent Cubes
6.4.3View Filters and Dynamic Aggregation
6.5Derived Elements
6.6Report data Options
6.6.2Display Settings and General Options
6.7Drill Maps
6.8Report Developer Tools
6.8.1Find and Replace and Project Documentation
6.9Additional Topics
6.9.1Embedding Methods for Conditional Metrics
6.9.2Set Qualification - Advanced Option
6.9.3Dynamic Aggregation
6.9.4Level Prompts
6.9.5Prompted Custom Groups
6.9.6Prompt-in-Prompt Functionality
6.9.7Values-prompted Metrics
7MicroStrategy Web for Professionals Online +
7.1Introduction to MicroStrategy Web for Professionals
7.2Creating Reports
7.3Using Templates and Filters
7.4Creating Attribute and Metric Qualification Filters
7.5Creating Other Types of Filters
7.6Creating Hierarchy, Attribute, and Metric Qualification Prompts
7.7Creating Other Types of Prompts
7.8Creating and Modifying Custom Groups
7.9Advanced Report Manipulations
7.10Advanced Grid and Graph Formatting
7.11Transformation Metrics, Intelligent Cube reports, and Derived Elements
7.12Subscribing Other Users and Contacts
7.13Web Professional Privileges
8Report Services: Documents +
8.1Introduction to Report Services
8.2Creating Documents
8.3Document Basics
8.4Document Design Concepts
8.5Documents and MicroStrategy OLAP Services
8.6Document Design Methodology
8.7Useful Design Techniques
8.8Linking from Documents
9Report Services: Dashboards +
9.1Introduction to Dashboards
9.2Creating Dynamic Dashboards
9.3Flash Mode and Widgets
9.4Designing Multipanel Dashboards
9.5Graphs in Documents
9.6Widgets II
10MicroStrategy Distribution Services +
10.1Distribution Services for End Users
10.2Administering Subscriptions in Web
10.3Configuring Distribution Services
10.4Monitoring and Managing Subscriptions
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