MicroStrategy Solutions

"BI offerings at Sattwica , leverage our MicroStrategy product solutions to strengthen your organizations decision support systems that empower businesses to make critical business decisions on a trusted platform"

MicroStrategy Solutions
Practice Highlights
MicroStrategy Solutions at Sattwica provide most value to your MicroStrategy investment by leveraging our BI practice experience and our extensive MicroStrategy training programs. MicroStrategy expertise at Sattwica following our core BI Practice values to provide our customers with proven architectures and consistent delivery methods to drive predictable outcomes, decrease time to successful implementation, and lower project risk.
Sattwica has successfully implemented several Business Intelligence solutions using MicroStrategy technologies with our customers across the globe, and is committed to delivering a solution designed to meet your unique business needs. A right BI implementation can help your organization become an insightful, advanced enterprise, driving your organization to the next level of business value creation and achieving competitive advantage.
Key Service Offerings include:
Design and implementation of EDW for your MicroStrategy platform
MicroStrategy Installation & Configuration
MicroStrategy Project Design and implementation
Setup self-service enterprise reporting infrastructure
Advanced and predictive analytics
Dashboard and Scorecard development
Distribution Services
Administration Services
Migration services
Agile and Mobile BI implementation
Could BI implementation
MicroStrategy SDK Development
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