Does your organization make the most value of your enterprise data?

"We at Sattwica , leverage our Data Management offerings to strengthen your organizations EIM strategy to support data warehousing and business Intelligence solutions that empower businesses to make critical business decisions on trusted data."

Data Management
Practice Highlights
Data Management Services at Sattwica will help organizations to address information challenges cost-effectively applying industry best practices and solution frameworks. Sattwica helps clients to improve efficiencies and execute new business strategies by developing centralized information technology services.
At Sattwica , we bring industry experience and technology together to create solutions for our clients. Sattwica Data Management Services was created to integrate and administer all the diverse information resources necessary to plan and run a highly competitive organization. Our solutions help our clients acquire and manage their structured and unstructured content so they can better manage their business, interact with customers and make strategic, financial and operational decisions. Our Data Management practice harmonizes data across multiple product lines and multiple business units to create a single view of data, such as products or customers.
key service offerings include:
Enterprise Data Architecture
EDW design and Implementation
Enterprise Information Management
Data Integration Services
Data Profiling & Data Quality Services
Master Data Management
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