Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has been rapidly and radically changing the dynamics of IT consumption. Having matured through the initial hype and the anxiety that followed, it has now come of age. Today, it is clearly established as a computing model that will have a long-range and deep impact on the IT solutions landscape. With its adoption breaching critical mass, cloud computing is now in a self-propelled growth mode that is being fuelled by the ecosystem it enables.
This change is already becoming the new norm of the evolving computing world. The expansive growth of cloud services providers, the rapid emergence of problem-specific and domain-specific cloud services, and the exponential enterprise adoption of cloud computing are all empirical testimonials to this new norm.
The core cloud computing proposition of being able to buy compute technology as a service in an on-demand, elastic, and pay-as-you-go model does bring extensive value to enterprises and solution providers for varied workloads including standalone, purpose-focused solutions and peripheral enterprise applications. However, this core offering falls short in being a strategic goals-enabler if cloud computing cannot co-exist and complement other relevant compute models and enterprise investments in a seamless and consistent setting.
Sattwica vision
Sattwica envisions that the true potential of cloud computing would unlock if:
Cloud computing can be evolved and established as an equal enabler of not just standalone, siloed solutions, but also as an enabler of core enterprise business solutions.
Cloud computing and the entire ecosystem of relevant technologies, software infrastructure, application building blocks, and automation and integration technologies can evolve to break computing, data, and administration silos, so as to capitalize on the key tenets of cloud computing and other varied computing environments in a consistent, seamless, and pervasive setting.
IT’s significant non-functional concerns around governance, compliance, availability, disaster recovery, and security can be comprehensively and uniformly addressed across varied computing investments.
The business risks of moving critical workloads to third-party vendors are addressed in standard-based legal and technology frameworks that adequately protect the interests of both vendors and clients.
While this vision is not a total reality today, it is clearly a macro direction in which cloud computing and its supporting disciplines are evolving rapidly. If approached with the right choices of platforms, technologies, architectures, building blocks, tooling, third-party services, and governance and legal frameworks, cloud computing is already an increasingly pragmatic possibility for a growing set of enterprise needs.
As a leading provider of IT consulting and engineering services, Sattwica recognizes the extensive value and the associated challenges such a vision and evolving technology landscape bring with them. Our deep focus on R&D, carefully crafted services portfolio, platform expertise, chosen partnerships, purpose-engineered frameworks, life cycle accelerators, and verification and benchmarking labs are all designed to ensure that you can make the most of the true potential of cloud computing—today! Reach out to us to understand how cloud computing can make a significant impact on your business and shape your solution offerings.
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