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Payroll System Management Software is set to surpass traditional payroll and HR expectations and guide you into the future - an easy, user friendly, technologically advanced system. Our Payroll Management System Software provides you an integrated approach for Payroll and HR management activities. This software provides you the dynamic capabilities which will help you to customize the Payroll system scaling from small case organization of 50 people to a multinational company with 5000 employees, Payroll System Management Software is your intelligent human resource and payroll management solution.
Features of payroll management system:
Dynamically Customized for all business needs:
This payroll system can be customized for all the levels of business organization. It can be customized for dynamically adding different departments depending on the need of organization. You can maintain records for all types of the employees i.e. regular and contracted.
Managing Payroll with changing financial scenarios:
This unique feature of the payroll system allows you to change payroll calculations depending on change required by the company. This can be achieved by providing user an option to set tax and allowance calculation formulae which can be dynamically changed.
Leave Management System:
This will help you effectively manage all kinds of employee leaves and keep track of employee leave records. Its unique feature provides an option of leave encashment and leave carry forward to next year option depending upon the company needs.