Center of Excellence

"At Sattwica, We specialize in bringing efficiency and control to your day-to-day operations using proven software and information management strategies."

COE Model
Understanding your business beyond your technical needs allows us to provide the best fit solutions. In addition, Sattwica Center Of Excellence (COE) models bring together a set of essential functions to support the successful delivery of programs and projects. Sattwica COE models are focused on achieving:
Better reuse capabilities across projects
Improved software quality
Shorter Implementation Cycles
Cost takeout through shared infrastructure /Skill Sets
Project Risk Mitigation
Accurate Estimation
Best of Breed technology
A well-defined Governance Model
A Common Architecture
Sattwica COE's
Consequently, with our COE models clients benefit a number of best practices in systems development to ensure ROI, quality and timeliness.
Industry Focus
Educational Institutions